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Jackie Storrar


Since I was a child, I have taken photographs of everyday moments and small happenings in my life. Many of these pictures have never seen the light of day, except for when I decide to bring a box down from the attic!


They may only have been amateur snaps but each photo still holds a memory, and together they make up moments of my life! It wasn’t until I was given my first digital camera in 2007, that I started to take some “real” photos and my love for photography blossomed.


I’m not a professional, but I’ve developed an eye for an interesting shot.


Since 2011, my work as a Singer has taken me to all parts of the globe. The opportunities for a great picture have been enough to make any photographer drool!


When I sing, I have 3 minutes to convey the story of the song. Behind the lens, I only have a moment. A moment to tell the story!  




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